The Grimm World

The Grimm World is a full-length play, now available for purchase as a beautiful Acting Edition published by Steele Spring Stage Rights. Buy it on Amazon and please be sure to leave a review! 

Enter the familiar world of “Once Upon a Time,” as a chipper Minstrel takes you (and a small, curious boy) on a journey of epic proportions. In a magical forest we find the characters from the Grimm’s tales; Hansel & Gretel, Snow White, Cinderella, and The Frog Prince all working their way toward their own happy endings. Along the journey, their tales collide at a breakneck pace, keeping these age-old stories feeling fresh for the 21st century. Devilishly funny and brimming with wit, The Grimm World is family-friendly entertainment that promises to bring out the kid in everyone. 

  •     Cast: 6F, 6M, Expandable Ensemble
  •     Running Time: 75 Minutes
  •     Setting: A Magical Forest

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What Critics Are Saying

“An amiably demented mash-up of several Brothers Grimm fairy tales. The Grimm World has sufficient good humor and spirit to leave audiences leaving happily ever after! With “Once upon a time” we enter a realm that suggests “The Electric Company” invaded by Monty Python on absinthe and Sudafed.” –Backstage
“An all-new high-octane storybook extravaganza, THE GRIMM WORLD, about the path-crossing exploits of colorful Brothers Grimm characters” –Broadway World
“Colorful and entertaining! What's great about the show is that it brings out the kid in you, and it's a show you can bring the kids to see! The real hit is in the quick-witted dialogue which has just the right amount of sarcasm, irony, and cleverness of plot.” –Life in LA

Death's Messengers

Death's Messengers is a ten-minute play. 

One evening an old man is accosted in at a Metro stop. Helped to the hospital by a caring young man, we soon discover that the old man is in fact Death, in disguise. Death tells the young man that as a thank you, he'll send three messengers his way before taking him to die, but things are not as they seem. Originally produced in North Hollywood, CA as part of an evening of short-plays set in Los Angeles and based on Grimm Brothers' stories.

  •     Cast: F, M
  •     Running Time: 10 Minutes
  •     Setting: Los Angeles

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What Critics Are Saying

“A well-written piece by author Samantha Levenshus with a poignant message to all of us." –
"All writers add their own personality and their own perspective on their subject. A good writer does so, and still leaves room for an individual to take something personal away. Whether you’re familiar with the works of the Brothers Grimm, or not, you will find something to connect to." –Spencer Cotter, The Detective Blog


Chance is a one-act play. 

On September 11, 2001, America stood still, stunned by the terrorist attack that forever changed our country. Based on a PostSecret postcard, Chance explores the events that took place in New York City on that day from the unique points of view of four people who saw the tragedy as their way out. 

  •     Cast: 3F, 1M
  •     Running Time: 45 Minutes
  •     Setting: New York City, 2001

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