I am a writer. I write.

Thanks for visiting my online home. I'm Samantha–Sam for short. 

As you can see above, I'm a writer. While most of what I do these days is meant for television, I've also dabbled in film, theater, and comics! 

A giant geek at heart, from theater to comic books to sci-fi and horror, most of my work is tied together through world building. Whether it's a sci-fi future we've never seen, a historical drama that feels current, or a little known part of our world, my specialty is making the reader feel grounded in the reality I've weaved on the page. I'm a former actor, so character is always at the forefront of my mind when crafting stories. I always strive to create three dimensional characters who will really get under an audience's skin. 

Thanks for visiting my site! Hope you'll take a spin around and reach out if you're interested in reading some of my work!

What I'm Watching: The Magicians, Jane The Virgin, The Crown, Harlots, Black Mirror, G.L.O.W., Goliath, This Is Us, The 100, Big Little Lies, The OA, Better Call Saul, The Punisher, Anne With An E, The Good Doctor, Game of Thrones, Jessica Jones... 

What I'm Reading: The Way of Kings, The Power, Little Fires Everywhere, Paper Girls, Saga, The Electric Sublime, The Runner, Mind Management...