Holy Unexpected

The world of Christian pop-culture has a new star; Haley is bright, energetic, and…Jewish. What started as a simple acting job to help support her family has snowballed into a 30-pieces-of-silver-sized scandal.

Company Town

Set in 1894 in the company town of Pullman, the lives of three families intertwine in unexpected ways, confronting issues of racism, sexism, and the rights of government in the months leading up to the bloody railroad strike that defined the American Labor Movement.

  • Anthology Series
  • Hour-Long Historical Drama
  • Based on true events
  • Downton Abbey meets Deadwood
  • Writing Sample

The Third Party

The eldest daughter of a political dynasty leads America’s first viable third party, founded around the concept of transparency politics, challenging her family’s history and polarizing the country. 

UnREAL (Spec Episode)

Each member of the EVERLASTING crew must consider whether they still belong or if ‘home’ might be somewhere new as they overcome pre-production obstacles and prepare for the next season of the show.

Daredevil (Spec Episode)

Matt finds himself trapped in an abandoned building while trying to help a teenage girl with special abilities. He must learn to use his brains rather than his brawn to escape. Meanwhile both Foggy and Karen are adjusting to life in the wake of Nelson & Murdock's closure. Ultimately Matt, Foggy, and Karen must all find a way to let go of the past in order to move forward.

The Americans (Spec Episode)

Elizabeth and Philip must contend with a crisis at the travel agency while undertaking a mission to apprehend a KGB operative whose background forces them to confront the dangerous path they've put their family on. Meanwhile, Paige struggles to reconcile who she is with her parents' true identities and Stan disappoints his son when he has to cancel plans at the last minute.