The Department

At Klein High School, theater is more than just an extracurricular, it's a life choice. Practice is 7 days a week and concentration is demanded by Mr. Harrison, known for his intensive teaching style that has led to greatness for past students. When Senior, Katie, takes new student, Dillon, under her wing, she begins to notice that her teacher's methods may come at too high a cost. 

  • Feature
  • Based on true events
  • More info coming soon!

Silent Night

On a quiet Christmas Eve on a suburban street, a group of carolers serenade Mom and Dad. When a rival caroling group shows up, a confrontation occurs and mayhem ensues, complicated further by the daughter's not-so-innocent tryst with the neighbor's boyfriend. A violently funny 7-minute Christmas confection.

  • Short
  • More info coming soon!